How to Use Toning Balls in Your Workout

Replace dumbbells with toning balls to add resistance to your workout

Credit: Wellness Matters

Weighted toning balls can help shape your arms and abdominal muscles

Dumbbells a little too traditional for your exercise routine? Add some modern-day resistance to your workout routine with toning balls

Toning balls are a unique tool used to enhance many different exercise methods, including yoga, Pilates and calisthenics.

Made from soft vinyl, toning balls can be used instead of handheld dumbbells to add more resistance to any exercise, thereby helping to improve balance, coordination and flexibility.

These balls weigh from 1.1 to 5.5 pounds (.5 to 2.5 kilograms) and can be used to work the muscles of the arms and shoulders, and also to improve upper-torso strength and flexibility.

In yoga and Pilates exercises, they’re used to add resistance for muscle toning. 

Simple Exercises to Do with Toning Balls

  • Exercise your shoulders and arms by holding a 1- to 2-lb. (.5- to 1-kg) ball in each hand with your arms at your sides. Stand with your knees relaxed. Lift both arms above your head. Pause, lower and repeat 12 to 15 times. Do two sets of this exercise.

  • When doing any variation of curl-ups or crunches for your abdominal muscles, try increasing the challenge by holding a light pair of toning balls in your hands at the sides of your head.

Originally published in Wellness Matters, Canada Wide Media’s quarterly newsletter on health and wellness.