Interview with Nutrition Expert Dr. John Berardi

Exercise on its own isn't enough to lose weight. It's a bold claim that's backed by research, and one of the many insights you'll get from watching this interview with world renowed nutrition expert Dr. John Berardi

Credit: Courtesy Precision Nutrition

Dr. John Berardi, PhD, world renowned nutrition and high performance expert

I’ve been a big fan of Dr. John Berardi and his Precision Nutrition team for a number of years.

I’ve used his nutrition system with my clients and have followed it myself. What I like about his program is it’s based on solid science while also being very practical.

He’s worked with tens of thousands of people and a varied clientele including everyone from average people to Olympic and professional athletes. Let’s just say this is a guy who knows his stuff. I’ve been so impressed that when he recently invited sign ups for the first offering of the Precision Nutrition certification program, I was one of the first to sign up.

Berardi has also written a number of books dealing with exercise, nutrition and metabolism. He teamed up with B.C. chef Michael Williams of Victoria to produce an excellent cookbook, Gourmet Nutrition: the Cookbook for the Fit Food Lover. It gets a lot of use in our house with more than 100 delicious yet healthy recipes and practical advice on developing healthy eating habits.

Berardi on Weight Loss

Christine Williams recently interviewd Dr. Berardi on her award winning show, On the Line. I thought the interview contained some great information and wanted to share it here. During the show, Berardi shares some important insights into nutrition, health and weight loss including:

  • why discipline doesn’t work
  • how to hack the fat loss and performance process
  • how to short-circuit cravings and emotional eating
  • lessons from the world’s largest body transformation project
  • why exercise doesn’t work for weight loss
  • how to use reward and punishment in your program
  • why to start with high-dose fish oil supplementation
  • what habits should come next
  • and much more

The interview is posted in eight parts, which you can view here. The interview is filled with great practical advice so make sure you grab a pen and paper as you’ll want to jot down notes.