IV Vitamin Therapy is Hitting the Streets of Vancouver

Vancouver's first mobile IV therapy lounge hits the streets 

This custom-made purple ambulance will arrive to any location of your choice

Vancouver’s first mobile IV therapy lounge is ready to roll

IV Wellness Boutique in Yaletown has launched a new, innovative way to keep you healthy. The IV to go is Vancouver’s first mobile IV therapy lounge, offering health and wellness benefits on wheels. So if you’re in need of boosting your immune system but can’t find the time to get to a clinic, here is your solution. 

Dr. Heidi Rootes, naturopathic doctor and co-owner of the IV Wellness Boutique says that public demand for a mobile service was overwhelming. “We received almost daily calls asking us if we could bring our IV service to homes, to parties or large scale events as well as office or corporate gatheringsand now we can!”

Once you order the IV to go, a luxurious purple ambulance will arrive at your location, complete with experts to administer IV vitamins. After a brief medical assessment, guests can sit back and enjoy the benefits that an extra boost of vitamin therapy offers.

Dr. Rootes adds there are a number of ways IV vitamin therapy can help. “It can improve energy and mood, reduce anxiety and stress, and it can strengthen immunity as well as support a weight loss program.”

Vitamin Therapy is also used to treat many other health conditions including: fatigue, anxiety, athletic injuries, depression, weak immune systems and even hangovers.

To find out how to book an IV to go, check online.