Making the Time to Work Out Regardless of Your Circumstances

It's rarely the perfect time to work out, so you need to make use of the time you have to keep active

Credit: Flickr/NapaneeGal

It pays to make time to work out, even if you don’t feel like it

Today is the perfect day to work out

Barring a life-threatening emergency, there are no excuses for not doing something physical every day.

I was thinking about this today as I took off on my paddleboard from Cates Park this morning.

I’ve been spoiled the last couple of weeks with sunny, hot weather and glassy water every time I went out. But today there were clouds in the sky and a strong side shore wind was blowing, creating very choppy waves. Combined with some swell I was constantly on guard to keep from falling off my board. I was strongly tempted in the first few minutes to call it a day and turn back to shore.

The rough water and wind made for a much tougher workout, but it also helped me focus more on what I was doing. With the strong cross currents in some sections I felt like I was paddling through molasses. I really had to dig my paddle into the water to keep my momentum going. 

Making the Most of Your Time to Work Out

It’s easy to work out in ideal conditions. You’re well rested, full of energy, the sun is shining, you have plenty of time and life is good. Who doesn’t enjoying working out in those conditions?

But more often than not, conditions aren’t always so great. You’re tired, stressed out and the last thing you want to do is work out. It’s during these types of conditions that you need your workouts even more than on good days. I believe they are of even greater benefit than workouts you do in perfect circumstances.

Tap into Your Energy Reserves

When you can get past the little voice that says “skip the workout today” you tap into a deep, inner reserve of energy that strengthens your entire being. Not only does this benefit your body, it recharges you mentally and emotionally. You train yourself to go beyond common expectations.

While the conditions weren’t ideal this morning I’m glad I didn’t listen to that whiny voice at the beginning. If I didn’t keep going I would have missed out on a great workout which honed my skills as well as my muscles. And I enjoyed myself as much as I have during the sunny, glassy days.

I’ve had similar experiences running, snowboarding and biking. Even gym workouts when I didn’t feel like going have turned out to be better than I expected.

I’ve regretted not getting a run, workout or bike ride in but I’ve never regretted it if I did go.

There is rarely, if ever, a perfect time for a workout. Distractions and reasons why you shouldn’t go will always be there. Teaching yourself to ignore them will lead you to your goals.