Running 365 Days to Help the World

Sarah Jamieson's superhuman physical endeavours are getting her close to her goal of raising $1 million for charity

Credit: Sarah Jamieson

Sarah Jamieson’s year-long streak will culminate with a 101 km run

Sarah Jamieson encourages everyone to find the superhero inside themselves to help the causes they believe in

Sometimes you meet people who you know are going to make a difference in the world. Sarah Jamieson is one of those people.

Six years ago I was fortunate enough to snag Jamieson as the female model for my runner’s workout DVDs. I could tell she was a little bundle of energy but I had no idea just how energetic she was.

Over the past decade Jamieson has raised almost $800,000 for various charities and social causes. Her goal is to raise $1,000,000 by the time she’s 35.

A lot of this fundraising is done through physical feats.

In 2011 she logged over 2,500 km of running including three marathons, numerous half-marathons and a 100 km adventure race. Most people would get tired just reading that sentence.

Running for 365 Days Straight

Jamieson began her latest innovative physical challenge to raise money on International Women’s Day (March 8), 2011. She’s running a minimum of six kilometres per day for 365 days. And she’s extended that by three months to kick off CARE Canada’s Walk in Her Shoes campaign. So she’ll end up running for 15 straight months!

And she’s planning on completing her goal with a mammoth run. On May 20 Jamieson will run 101 kms to celebrate 101 years of International Women’s Day.

How You Can Help

The Walk in Her Shoes Superhero 101 km Challenge takes place on Sunday May 20 at 6 a.m. The event begins at Sutherland Secondary School in North Vancouver and ends at the Terry Fox Memorial in Vancouver.

There will be markers every six kilometres and everyone is welcome to join Jamieson for part (or if you dare, all) of her epic run. You can register for the event at the CARE Canada WIHS webpage.

You can also donate on that page as well.

Personal Growth and Challenge

Jamieson wants to show that ordinary people can be the catalyst for extraordinary change in the world. She is passionate about speaking to kids and participated in last year’s TEDxKids@BC talks.

Her message is simple. We need to find the superhero inside each of us to help the world. So find your alterego and make a difference in any way you can.

For more information and updates on Jamieson’s progress visit her RUN4ACAUSE blog.