Sapadilla eco-friendly cleaning products

Locally based Sapadilla offers high quality green cleaning products that work!

Credit: Courtesy of Sapadilla

North Vancouver-based eco-friendly cleaning supplies manufacturer Sapadilla gets it

Sapadilla offers high quality green cleaning products that work and make you want to show off. I leave my bottle of dish liquid on the counter; it smells nice and I like the bottle.

Using pure essential oils, the products smell fantastic (no, not like that conventional spray you see on TV) while respecting your health and indoor air quality. My favourite is the grapefruit and bergamot scent, it’s quite fresh, and the peppermint rosemary smells good too, kind of like a homemade candy cane.

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Top 3 good things about Sapadilla

1) Authentically “green” – Sapadilla keeps it simple and uses plant-based biodegradable ingredients that are non-toxic, like palm and coconut oils and vegetable glycerin. Sapadilla has done their research, discloses their ingredients (not like all “green” cleaning companies), and has designed products I trust and respect. Most of the ingredients are things you’ll find in the foods we eat, making a clear case for why Sapadilla products are a healthy choice as cleaners in our homes.

2) Locally made in North Vancouver – I’ve watched this growing young company start in an apartment, move into major retailers and set up shop into warehouse space. Respect to local manufacturing; back to the roots while setting the stage for the future. As energy prices get higher and higher, the price of imported products will increase. Supporting local companies helps to build the type of infrastructure we’re going to need as the world climate changes. As we support companies like Sapadilla and help them grow, the prices should come down with economies of scale. Products that travel far will go up in price and level the game. The products are more expensive but you get what you pay for.

3) Clean urban style – Sleek eye-catching packaging made from #1 plastic that looks nice on the counter by the sink and is easy to recycle.

Sapadilla currently makes three products, a concentrated all-purpose cleaner, liquid dish soap and a spray counter-top cleaner. The all-purpose cleaner can be used for lots of things, including floors, bathrooms and showers. Since it’s concentrated, you pour some in a bucket and add water, using less packaging and energy.

I’ve been using the all-purpose cleaner on my floor for the last couple years now and it works just as well as conventional products, plus it smells good and I don’t feel like I need to air out my house to get that chemical smell out.

You can find Sapadilla products at an increasing number of retailers, including Whole Foods/Capers and Nesters Market.