Set a Fall Fitness Goal: Athletics for Kids Fitness Challenge

Looking for a fitness goal this fall? Try the A4K Fitness Challenge. It'll whip you into shape and raise money for a worthwhile cause

Credit: Curb Ivanic

The A4K Fitness Challenge gets you into shape and helps BC kids

Set yourself a challenging fitness goal this fall and participate in the A4K Fitness Challenge

I’ve shared with you my method for designing your own fitness training program. If you’re still looking for a good fitness goal, why not try the A4K Fitness Challenge anytime during the week of November 1 – 7. Training for it will get you into tip top shape and you’ll be raising money to help disadvantaged kids around BC get healthy and active. 

Getting kids playing sports helps their mental and emotional development as well as their fitness and health. But it’s a sad fact that during these tough economic times too many children are prohibited from participating in sports due to the cost. Athletics for Kids, or A4K, is a BC-based charity that helps improve this situation.

A4K Fitness Challenge Details

The challenge involves tackling one of three workout programs consisting of 250, 500 or 1000 repetitions. You complete the reps of the workout of your choice and collect donations from pledges (or donate money yourself).

All fitness levels are able to participate. For those just starting out, the 250 rep challenge will be a SMART goal. If you’re already working out and have a good base of fitness, then the 500 rep level is more appropriate. And for those of you who like to push your limits and are in really good shape, the 1000 rep challenge will put you through your paces. If you’re competitive, you can try to complete the workout as fast as you can. But simply finishing the event will be enough for most people.

You can do the event at any one of the participating gyms. Contact the site beforehand to find out when they’re hosting the event. Or talk to the manager at your gym or fitness centre and ask them to get involved as a host facility.

Growing Event

I started this event in 2008 enlisting the help of a few other trainers and Shaw TV came out to video the event:

I’ll share with you a funny behind-the-scenes story about the video. I was interviewed for the segment a couple of minutes after finishing 1,000 reps. My initial post-workout endorphin high had been replaced by nausea and light-headedness. During my interview all I can remember thinking as the reporter asked me questions was “Don’t puke on camera, don’t puke on camera!”

In 2009 we had triple the number of participants, and this year we’d like to triple that number again (at least). The event is growing every year and I encourage you to participate. 

If you would like to do it but are unsure of how to train for it, contact me and I’ll send you a free training program to get you into shape for whichever level you choose.

Athletics for Kids Information

For event information and background visit the Fitness Challenge website.

For more information on the charity visit the Athletics for Kids website.