Sundog Sunglasses Review: Protect Your Eyes While Working Out in the Sun

No pain, no gain, except when it comes to eyestrain on sunny day workouts. Here's a solid option for sun protection

Don’t overwork your eyes while working out at the beach – protect them from the sun

No need to strain your eyes while you’re training your muscles. Here’s a great option for eye protection when you’re working out outside on sunny days

It’s no secret I love to train outdoors. While I don’t mind straining my body to get a good sweat on, I’m careful to not strain my eyes in the sun.

I was a happy camper when I was asked to test out a pair of Sundog shades while training for the BMO Vancouver marathon a couple of years ago.

Sundog’s Best Features

Sundog Attack model I’ve been using the Attack model when I work out on roads, trails and water. The nose pad is very comfortable and the temples provide a snug fit without being too tight.

They’re a great design for sports because while they provide great protection, they’re light and the lenses don’t sit too close to my face, so I don’t end up dripping sweat onto them like I have with many other brands, which means I don’t smear the lenses with my sweaty shirt when I try to dry them.

And I love the small heat vents at the top of the frames which eliminate fogged up lenses. A great feature for heavy sweaters like me.

The Mela-Lens technology provides protection from both high energy visible light (the violet/blue range) and ultraviolet light.

Durable Sunglasses

Even though the glasses are lightweight and sleek they’ve held up remarkably well. I tend to be pretty rough on my sunglasses and these babies have managed to stay scratch- and break-free.

Now I’m just hoping the weather cooperates with a spectacular B.C. summer and plenty of long, hot, sunny days. You know I’ll be out there enjoying it on my feet, bike or board. And I won’t be squinting.