Take These Health-boosting Habits to Work

Eight tips to keep you healthy and happy all workday long

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These eight tips will keep you healthy and happy all workday long

  1. Store some walking shoes at work. If you have a chance to slip away from work at lunch or on a break, slip into your sneakers to walk briskly around the block.
  2. Check your ergonomics. Your computer station or desk area should be properly positioned to ensure comfort and prevent repetitive strain injuries.
  3. Limit caffeine and opt more often for herbal tea or water. More than four cups of coffee a day can dehydrate and cause jitteriness.
  4. Bring a nutritious lunch and snacks as often as possible throughout the week to lower your temptation to eat high-fat or high-calorie fast foods. It can also save you money.
  5. List your priorities. A to-do list in order of most important to least important helps you stay on track and focused.
  6. Think positively. Your thinking dramatically affects how you feel. Keep the day pleasant by seeing and approaching your “problems” as “challenges.”
  7. Manage conflicts and stressors by speaking up. When something bothers you at work, talk it over diplomatically with someone like a co-worker or a manager.
  8. Avoid taking your work home with you. Try to leave work and its “challenges” at work, to enjoy time out with family and friends.