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Credit: Sol Orwell

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Misinformation and marketing hype often pass for credible advice when it comes to supplements and nutrition, but a new resource will help you separate the wheat from the chaff

Hyperbole and broscience are becoming more commonplace when it comes to nutritional supplements. Luckily there are also some great blogs and websites that provide solid information.

One of the best sites providing “independent analysis on supplements and nutrition” is, a Toronto-based enterprise started by Sol Orwell, a fitness conscious programmer and entrepreneur.

100 Supplements Analyzed

The editors of have compiled research-backed information on over 100 supplements and provided answers to dozens of popular nutrition FAQs. It’s taken more than two years of work and they cite over 17,000 sources so you can say they’ve done their homework.

One of the best features about the site is the Human Effect Matrix. For every supplement in their database there’s a handy table that will tell you if a particular supplement has an effect and how strong that effect is. It also grades the evidence for each effect, from an “A” for strong evidence to a “D” for weak evidence.

And here’s the best part: it’s free.

If you want to check up on the claims you see in supplement ads or overhear Joe Six-pack telling his lifting buddy between sets, look it up on They’ve covered virtually all the supplements you could think of and give you a thorough analysis of each.