How Golf Can Improve Your Health

Hit the greens and give yourself a health boost

Credit: Jim Lynch

Looking for a health boost? Eighteen rounds of golf might just do you wonders

Whether alone or with friends, playing a round of golf can be good for your heart and health. Walking the course gives you the most exercise, especially if you carry or pull your clubs. An average person can burn around 300 calories per hour walking the course – and you will be walking for several hours! Walking is a weight-bearing exercise, which helps prevent bone loss and osteoporosis.

If you are just starting out, consider taking a few lessons to avoid some of the more common injuries: you will learn correct grip, stance and swing. Lower back injuries are common from improper technique, neglecting to warm up and stretch before playing, and from lifting clubs incorrectly. Remember to drink water while playing, and take the time to learn about the etiquette of the game.

Other Health Benefits of Golf

  • Golf can help improve balance control, which can deteriorate as we age.
  • Older golfers tend to have better static and dynamic control and confidence than non-golfers of the same age.
  • Golf challenges the mind in terms of co-ordination, concentration, visualization and strategy.
  • Playing golf releases the mood-enhancing chemicals called endorphins into the blood stream.