The New Fortius Sport & Health Centre in Burnaby

Burnaby is home to a new state-of-the-art facility for everyone from pro athletes to seniors looking to stay fit and healthy.

A new world-class facility has opened in our backyard.

For an exercise science geek like myself, a recent tour of this amazing new facility was like being a kid in a candy store

My friend Carmen Bott, one of Fortius Sport & Health’s high performance coaches, gave me an inside look at all this performance and sports medicine complex has to offer.

Integrated Services

A variety of sports performance experts and exercise medicine practitioners work together to help members improve their fitness or come back from an injury. The team includes doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, sports scientists, performance specialists and fitness coaches among other professionals.

While professional and Olympic athletes are clients, the centre is also open to the public for all ages, from children developing in their sports to senior citizens who want to maintain a high quality of life.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

To deliver these services, Fortius Sport & Health uses some amazing technologies and facilities.

Being a running coach, my favourite stop on the tour was the biomechanics lab featuring 3-D motion analysis via multiple cameras and a skookum treadmill.

Fortius Biomechanics Lab

Also included in the list of amenities are an underwater treadmill, a full soccer pitch, a gymnasium with an NBA-sized basketball court, a lodge offering 111 rooms for out-of-town visitors, numerous well-appointed treatment rooms and fitness studios that are filled with the latest in gym equipment.

Within the building there’s also a Pharmasave drugstore, FitFirst athletic shoe store and a SportMed store. You could say the Fortius Centre is a one-stop shop.

The facility is located at 3713 Kensington Avenue in Burnaby and you can visit the website at


For a more complete look at the Fortius facility, check out this video from Breakfast Television.