Get Your Kids Active at the Tuff Kid XC Challenge

Here's a great new neighbourhood event to get kids active in the outdoors

Credit: Flickr/John R Hoffman Sr.

The Tuff Kid XC Challenge teaches kids some valuable life lessons while getting them active

The Tuff Kid XC Challenge may sound tough, but it teaches the little ones how to get through obstacles while having fun

The Challenge is a kid’s cross-country running course with some obstacles thrown in. Dave Cressmen of Distance Runwear told me the event isn’t a race. The purpose of the event isn’t to encourage competition but to encourage kids to get through the obstacles and have some fun. Kind of like life.

I love the idea and look forward to having my kids participate when they’re old enough. Getting kids active in sports at a young age can have many benefits down the road.

Event Format

Children from ages 5 – 12 are able to participate with different age groups starting at different times. The first event in what will hopefully will become a series will be run at Queen Elizabeth Park on Sunday, April 28. Another event is planned for November 3, 2013.

There will be no race numbers, no placings and no timing. Kids will run the course and have to overcome a few obstacles along the way. Fun and perseverance are the key lessons, not who wins or where they place.

The events are being kept small, with only 100 kids in each category, to make them less disruptive to the neighbourhood and to fit into smaller parks.

Registration and More Information

Cost for the event is only $25 and you can register at Distance Runwear at 4800 Main Street in Vancouver or online.

Tuff Kid XC Challenge website

Tuff Kid XC Challenge Facebook page