Working out on Vacation: How to Stay Fit During Your Holiday

Staying fit while on vacation in Maui has been fun, quick and simple

Credit: Curb Ivanic

Curb Ivanic

Working out during your vacation should be simple with minimal equipment

We’re enjoying a great holiday on Maui’s west side and I’m staying fit while on vacation by enjoying the surf and the sun

I’ve been working hard to prepare for the upcoming BMO Vancouver Marathon and I didn’t want my fitness to waste away while we’re away.

My Vacation Fitness Toolbox

I don’t plan on going to any gyms while in Maui. There’s so much you can do outside to stay fit so why bother hiding out indoors working out?

By bringing a few workout items I have a complete fitness toolbox so I can stick to my program. To help me stay fit here’s what I brought:

Stay Active on Holiday and Enjoy Relaxing

My cardio workouts consist of beach running, surfing, ocean swimming, trail running, paddleboarding and road running. But I don’t view most of these activities as workouts. It’s playing in the beautiful Hawaiian outdoors and I’ll do at least one of these activities every day. We also do a family beach walk every morning with me carrying Carys in the Baby Bjorn.

For my strength training, twice a week I do a workout combining bodyweight exercises and TRX suspension exercises. I’ll do supersets (two exercises back to back) of an upper body exercise and lower body exercise such as lunges coupled with TRX inverted rows or single leg TRX squats paired with pushups.

I do a full body workout performing three rounds of three or four supersets. Along with a dynamic warmup, the workout only takes about 25 minutes so I have plenty of time to relax with the family.

Staying active daily will help you enjoy your poolside lounging without feeling guilty. Go ahead and relax on your holidays but don’t neglect your fitness. Your body will thank you for it.