5 Fab New Year’s Eve Decor Ideas

Expert tips on how to decorate for a NYE party with sparklers, themes, flowers, DIY treats + more 

Get your home party-ready for an unforgettable NYE bash with these fab decor ideas from interior designer Stephanie Jean

Try a Theme

“My favourite decor for New Year’s Eve consists of black, white and metallics,” says Stephanie Jean. “The combination is timeless and it goes with existing decor.”

You can even have your guests play along with matching or complementary attire. “We often host New Year’s Eve parties for our friends and family and, to bring in an element of fun, we asked our guests one year to come dressed as their favourite celebrity couple or personality,” Jean shares. “The night was definitely full of laughter!”

Incorporate Greenery

“Florals add life and beauty to any decor theme and a New Year’s Eve party is no exception,” says Jean. “Greenery is an especially great complement for a black-and-white scheme. Think outside of the box when choosing your container, too. There are so many options to consider that will draw even more attention to your arrangement.”

Consider Your Menu

For an unforgettable party, consider your food and drink spread as part of your decor. Arrange easy-to-eat bites on a table that will allow your guests to mingle and prepare a fun cocktail that can be sipped before the champagne pops at midnight.

“A charcuterie and cheese board along with a signature drink for the evening look beautiful and are great for guests to enjoy,” says Jean.

Find Cheap Thrills

Good news—if you’re in a time crunch, your one-stop shop for party decor may be closer (and a lot more budget-friendly) than you think. “The dollar store or your local party store is the perfect place to stock up on supplies,” says Jean. “Hats, noisemakers, sparklers, and candles set the party atmosphere.”

Have Fun with DIY

“I found one of my favourite DIYs on Martha Stewart,” Jean shares. “Cut out cardboard numbers that represent the coming year and hot glue tinsel garland onto them to create a sparkly addition to your party. You can cut up the leftover garland into small pieces, glue them to small skewers, and use them as stir sticks for cocktails or toppers for a dessert.”

You can also decorate desserts with NYE elements that represent the incoming year, as Jean did here.