5 Hot Home Decor Finds for Fall

From hot furniture and accessories to cool kitchen gadgets, these home decor items should be on your radar

Bensen’s Morgan Sofa

One walk through Bensen’s 55,000-square-foot Vancouver furniture factory and a dedication to quality, precision and detail is immediately evident. Quality, it appears, is the common thread that ties together Bensen’s line of contemporary furniture and the new Morgan sofa is no exception.

Distinguished from Bensen’s other sofas by its distinctive high back, Morgan was engineered with comfort and a tailored yet casual esthetic in mind. A memory foam core wrapped in feather and down paired with lush cushions give the sofa a luxurious texture while the high back and cut-away arms uphold the crisp silhouette.

West Elm’s “Green” Jugs

In a former existence, these recycled Spanish wine bottles were likely the life of the party. Now, as part of West Elm’s Green line of products, they return to the tabletop as decorative vessels for flowers, candles or other ornamental elements that complement their water- and earth-toned colours and slender shape. If you want to play with the jugs’ true versatility, give them a good hand wash and use them to serve juice or, of course, wine.

Small jugs, $19, large jugs, $29

Chevron Prints

If you zig when others zag, there’s an entire design style suited for you – the deliciously retro chevron print. Characterized by its upside down Vs, chevron is a brilliant chameleon that easily shifts from sophisticated to funky; it’s all in the colour and scale. Make a bold zigzag statement with Pottery Barn’s Hayden zigzag rug in black, or tone down the look with the same rug in a softer porcelain blue. For subtler pops of chevron, try DwellStudio’s Chevron Citrine Pillow to draw in the eye without overwhelming the room.

Rugs from $238, Pottery Barn; pillow, $82, DwellStudio

Trudeau’s Stress Less Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen tools are supposed to make our lives easier, but some hard-to-manoeuver can openers and fussy corkscrews make using your teeth seem like the better option. Before you crack a molar on a tin can, check out Trudeau’s new Stress Less collection of ergonomic kitchen gadgets built to take the pressure off your hands and make cooking a more enjoyable exercise. From a can opener that Trudeau claims “requires 50 per cent less effort than a traditional can opener” to a rotary cheese grater, the collection of seven easy-to-operate accessories can help save some time and maybe a few four-letter words.

From $12

Copycat Chic

Expensive taste can feel like punishment when you don’t have the budget to match. But one savvy blogger has discovered that for every out-of-reach item, there’s an inexpensive doppelganger to be found. At Copycat Chic, Reichel Broussard takes high-end decor and furniture pieces and sources near-identical versions at a fraction of the price. Good taste is no longer synonymous with big price tags.

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