How to Decorate Your Home for Valentine’s Day

We've got five easy steps to make your home feel full of love for Valentine's Day

Set the scene for the season of love

Decorating for Valentine’s Day is one of my absolutely favourite things to do. It’s the one time of year when I have free rein to deck out the house in pink. And since we’re all spending so much time at home right now, anything you can do to make your space feel fresh and festive can help improve your mood.

Here are five easy steps to make your home feel full of love for Valentine’s Day using these pretty decor pieces…

  1. Tassel White Prayer Beads from The Cross
  2. Heart Cocotte from Le Crueuset
  3. Cake from Cassandra Cake Co.
  4. Pink Effervescence from Evolve Cellars
  5. Let Me Feed You Cookbook from Indigo
  6. Smitten With You sign from Etsy
  7. Blush Pink Mugs from Fable Home
  8. Fluted White Flower Pot from The Cross
  9. White Heartbeat Pillow from The Cross
  10. Juliet Marble Heart Dish from The Cross
  11. Love Balloon from Isa and Mattinee


1. Pick a theme

I always start off any decorating project by picking a theme. The theme for this one is obviously Valentine’s Day, but more specifically I wanted to work in mixed hues of pink and red against a neutral white backdrop. Starting with a clean, neutral base makes it easiest to work in pops of colours that can be changed throughout the seasons. Some easy accents that you can play around with are pillows, throws, candles, florals and wall art.

The accents don’t have to be huge either. Even something as simple as a prayer bead in your colour theme on the bedside table helps to tie things in. Drape the prayer beads over top of this beautiful Juliet Marble Heart Dish for a little extra love. I also recently invested in some new dishware from Fable Home and they just so happen to fit perfectly. These blush pink mugs have Valentine’s Day morning coffee written all over them.

I like to work my chosen theme throughout the entire house, adding little vignettes to each room. In the bedroom, I’ve used some seasonal pillows that I’ve arranged to play off the other elements in the room. These super cute heart-shaped pillows are from Town and Country Home Vintage and they’re one of my go-tos whenever I’m doing a seasonal switch-up.


2. Select your decor centerpieces

I always like to have a few central pieces that anchor my theme. Since Valentine’s Day is a little more playful, I decided to go all out with some gorgeous balloon garlands created by Isa and Mattinee. For the garland above the tablescape, we used an ombré colour block that fades from light to dark. We also took my theme colours and incorporated a heart garland in front of the mirror.

If you wanted to create your own garlands, you could take some inspiration from some of the smaller pieces we created for the living room, but if you’d like to take a chance at winning your very own garland by Isa and Mattinee, you can enter my Valentine’s Day giveaway.

The next show-stopping elements are the unique and beautiful florals from Celsia Florist. I chose these because I love fresh flowers in the house and also because you don’t need a man to buy you flowers on Valentine’s Day. I actually love the ritual of buying myself flowers. Celsia’s flowers are always so fresh and fragrant that I get a huge floral waft whenever I come into the house and I love that. I chose to create a larger, luxe arrangement for the dining table and then complement it with some of the smaller bud vases.

Bud vases are a great budget-friendly option that can be dotted all around the house. I also love this white flower pot to work in that neutral base against a pop of colour. Celsia Florist also has an amazing subscription service that’s included in my gift guide.

3. Make it cozy

It’s so important to keep the house warm and cozy at this time of year, regardless of any holiday, but it just so happens that this holiday is cause for pops of pink in my cozy set-up which is just fine by me. I love creating layers and texture around the home so that nothing feels cold or unwelcoming. Layering multiple blankets of contrasting colours is a super easy way to achieve that, like these two throws from Town and Country Vintage Home.

And you can’t forget about pillows. I’ve created some colour-blocked groupings of pillows throughout the house to tie in the larger decor items and to help things feel consistent. I like to have one or two accent pillows, like this white heartbeat pillow from The Cross Decor and Design which is great for the living room, bedroom or even a nursery.

4. Don’t forget the treats

What’s Valentine’s Day without a few treats? I had some cakes made by Cassandra Cake Co which are just as delicious as they are beautiful. Cassandra even makes a couples cookie kit which is such a fun activity to do together on Valentine’s Day. (See my post on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home for other fun ideas.)

I also love incorporating beautiful books within my decoron my coffee table, displayed in my kitchen or on my bedside table. Rediscover the simple pleasure of cooking for your loved ones with Let Me Feed You: Everyday Recipes Offering the Comfort of Home, just what we all need right now and it looks so beautiful in your home this Valentine’s Day. And when you’re cooking these recipes, use the beautiful Heart Cocotte from Le Creuset in white, red or blush pink—it makes the perfect Valentine’s statement on your kitchen stove.   

And you can’t forget the wine! An all-time fave of mine, Pink Effervescence from Evolve Cellars, has such cute bottles that I like to incorporate them in my tablescape as part of the decor. Rosé is an obvious choice to tie in all the pinks, and the Evolve Pink Effervescence has a vibrant pink colour that beautifully matches any Valentine’s Day decor. Find it at Time Winery and Kitchen, or at select Save on Foods, B.C. Liquor Stores, and private wine stores.

5. Add some magic

And last but not least, don’t be afraid to add some magical romantic touches. I chose to string up some twinkling pink fairy lights along the mantle, but they can really be used anywherefrom the tablescape to your bedroom dresser. Another nice touch that can also be left up all year are these vintage looking wooden signs from Town and Country Vintage Home. I love the little reminders to be sweet to your loved ones and appreciate the small things.

Feel free to make these tips your own and adapt them for your space. All of them can be so easily tweaked to suit any kind of room on any scale or budget. And don’t forget to check out my Valentine’s Day gift guide for ways to treat yourself this love day—you deserve it!