6 Ways to Repurpose Holiday Decor

Turn your holiday decorations into everyday decor

Credit: Pottery Barn

Repurpose your holiday items for year-round use with these creative decor ideas

Now that the holidays have officially come to an end, many of us are left with the daunting task of disassembling our Christmas trees and boxing away the many wreaths, garlands, and ornaments that have decorated our homes for the past few weeks. But before you pack them away for good, it’s worth considering how you can use these pieces as part of your day-to-day decor. As Marie Joy Design’s Kristina Hibbs notes, a little creativity is all it takes to make your festive bulbs and baubles work well past the New Year.

From your tree garlands to your Christmas lights, here are six ways that you can repurpose your holiday décor for everyday use.

Credit: Pottery Barn


Whether they’re made from bead, wood or pine, traditional garlands typically feature a more neutral base that’s ideal for transitioning your decor. Hibbs suggests removing these from your tree and using them to decorate your coffee table and vanity displays once the season is over. You can also work them onto your dining table as part of a centrepiece. “Keeping it neutral is key to reusing it after the season is over,” the designer notes.

Credit: Ikea

Tree ornaments

If you found yourself drawn to transparent, glass ornaments this past holiday, you’re in luck. The bulbs can be refilled with unique items that suit your personality. “For example, if you love music, you would fill the ball with pieces of paper with music notes on it from your favourite song,” explains Hibbs. You can then display them under a cloche, on a sideboard, or inside a decorative bowl on your coffee table for a splash of character.

Credit: West Elm


Though many wreaths are adorned with poinsettias and sparkling ribbons during the holidays, you can easily rejig them to use everyday or for an alternate celebration. Hibbs suggests decorating your wreaths with spring flowers and feathers in pastel colours for Easter, for example, while harvest fruit and leaves are ideal for Thanksgiving.

Credit: Ikea

Bowls and vases

During the holidays, you may have found yourself filling glass jars and vases with an assortment of glittering tree branches or ornaments. Now, it’s a simple matter of swapping out these goods for more timely elements—think potpourri, fruit or bouquets of flowers.

As for those tree branches you’ve removed? “They can be reused year-round in floral arrangements to add more drama,” says Hibbs. “For example, a spring floral arrangement with some white feathers added will give a whimsical effect as a centrepiece for a dinner party.”

Credit: Ikea


“Candle holders and candles sticks are really easy to reuse,” says Hibbs. She suggests changing the candles on your candelabra for something in a white or a more neutral tone for everyday use. Using candles in varying heights will also help refresh your space while adding some interest.

Christmas lights

While red and green bulbs may prove a tad too festive for year-round use, white string lights are a great way to add some shine to a number of areas in your home—particularly outside. “They’re a nice touch to add to your covered patio for those spring and summer nights,” says Hibbs. You can also string them through your bushes or planters to help add some light.