6 Ways to Style a Cozy Throw

Instead of hiding your blankets away in a closet, add warmth to your home by putting them on display

Uncover the versatility of a decorative throw

As afternoons spent outside turn to evenings snuggled up by the fire (or in bed—we won’t judge), there’s no better time to prep your space for the cooler temperatures ahead. Luckily, the perfect transitional piece for fall is one you probably already own—you just have to get a little creative with it.

“Throws are a perfect way to add style, texture and comfort to your home as they’re not only decorative, but useful, too,” says Tanya McLean, interior designer and owner of Mango Design Co. “When the days are cold and damp, who doesn’t want to curl up in a blanket?”

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Credit: Popsugar

As a Wall-hanging

“If you have an exceptional woven or knitted throw—perhaps a family heirloom or a piece you picked up on your travels—hang it on your wall as textural art and a conversation piece,” suggests McLean. “You can hook it at the corners or use a decorative wooden or metal dowel—gold and copper are especially hot right now. I love this look above a bed, over a sofa or over the stairwell.”

In a Basket

“If you have throws hiding in a closet, roll them into a basket beside your fireplace, or out on your covered porch,” says McLean. “It’s a simple solution and the perfect way to let your guests know that they can stay cozy.”

Stacked on Furniture

“In many homes I visit, a rickety antique chair sits lovingly in the corner,” shares McLean. “It’s usually a special family piece, but the seat is often shabby, with a less-than-stable frame.”

A stylish solution? “Stack a few throws on it to hide the wear and tear, and discourage precarious perching,” says McLean.

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On a Ladder

“Funnily enough, I had a decorative bamboo ladder back in the ’90s and it looks like they’re making a comeback!” says McLean. “If you have space along a wall or a corner in need of some life, prop up a vintage ladder and drape throws over the rungs to make it useful.”

Across the Floor

McLean first took notice of this laid-back trend during her travels in Laos, where she spotted a number of bright silk throws strewn across a restaurant’s wood floors. She’s been smitten with the Southeast Asian look since.

“A throw on the floor in your family room or children’s room can define a lounge area with throw pillows, poufs or beanbags on top,” says McLean. “Mexican blankets would be great for this—they’re a fantastic way to add a colourful, boho-inspired look to your room.”

Credit: Free People

On Your Bed

“Draping an accent throw at the foot of your bed can add some fresh style and comfort,” says McLean. “I love knowing that there’s an extra bit of warmth at the end of my bed when the evenings get cooler.”