7 Home Accessories Picks from Anthropologie

Introduce a little whimsy and eclectic chic into your home with our favourite Anthropologie accessories

Credit: Flickr / whistlepunch

Bring Anthropologie charm and style into your home with a few key accessories

Now that Anthropologie has set up shop in Vancouver, its wares and baubles are finally within reach for British Columbians

There’s no mistaking the whimsical and iconic style of Anthropologie. Part boho romantic, part hipster eclectic, no matter how you classify it, it has a universal warmth and charm that makes the Anthro style undeniable and highly coveted.

Admittedly, the Anthro-verse (as its 60+ dedicated bloggers affectionately call their Mecca) can be overwhelming. And really, unless you’re a woodland-nymph, there’s no reason why you need to dress yourself or your home from top to bottom with its merchandise.

So, in the real world, small doses of Anthro work best. A quirky object here, an amusing curio there – just enough to accentuate and support your own personal style.

Here are my top seven picks that are both gorgeous and practical – things that will bring measured frothy chicness into any home.

Painted Amarylis Measuring Cups ($48)

These adorable nesting ceramic measuring cups are destined to never see the inside of your cupboards. They’re too gorgeous to ever keep in storage.

You can use them to measure out your flour and sugar, and when you’re done you can keep them on the dining table for olives and candies, or even beside your bed to hold your jewelry.

Apron ($42-$48)

Anyone who cooks needs an apron, so why not have something beautiful?

Ditch that crusty, stained man-cape for something decidedly domestic and pretty. It’s proven that wearing something pretty will increase your overall efficiency with chores. Really.

Dishtowel ($20-$28)

I always bought one as a “souvenir” whenever I was in the US and found myself in an Anthropologie.

I now have a collection of lovely, whimsical dishtowels that are a joy to pull out and use. This is something we all use every day, so why shouldn’t it be gorgeous to look at as well?

Acara Switchplate Cover ($22, single; $28, double)

This is the perfect punch of colour and texture.

The richly coloured enamel scales on these switchplates are both unexpected and a delight to see when the lights come on.

Wise Ol’ Cookie Jar ($148)

Psst… I have cookies in my belly. Want one?” That’s what she’s saying, of course.

This Italian stoneware owl cookie jar is so gorgeous though, that you should probably be more concerned about people taking the jar along with the cookies.

Tweet Knob ($12)

What easier way could there be to add instant charm to drab kitchen cabinets or desk drawers?

These hand-painted porcelain knobs will spruce up your nest in no time flat.

Natural World Dessert Plate ($22 each)

If Lewis Carroll had been a naturalist and plate maker, this is exactly what I imagine he’d come up with.

These bone china plates are adorned with bugs, birds and reptiles.

Highly whimsical and odd, yet profoundly pretty and nostalgic, these plates threaten to overshadow anything you put on them.


Catherine Tse is a freelance writer and editor based in Vancouver who brings her love of style to a variety of print and online publications. She discovered early on that writing and an ambitious penchant for lovely things was a good combination.