7 Stunning Clocks for Your Home

Time will stand still when you gaze upon this spectacular collection of timekeepers

Credit: Pottery Barn

Go cuckoo for clocks! Add a dash of class to your home with these stunning timepieces that can anchor a room while keeping you on schedule

Isn’t it about time you turned back the dial on old and outdated timepieces and decorated your walls with some fun and funky oversized clocks? These charming timekeepers are major statement pieces, and can set the tone for the rest of a room’s decor.

Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

Patchwork Wall Clock

This funky, patterned wall clock is a cozy addition to any wall, with its crazy-complex patterns that are stamped into colourful patchwork panels. Along with its easy-to-read Arabic numerals, the patchwork clock gives your house an incredibly homey feeling.

Above: Patchwork Wall Clock ($79.99). Available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

Rustic Roman Numeral Clock

This elegant wall clock evokes a classic feel that will appeal to the modern intellectual. Make a home for this vintage-looking oversized clock in your office or study.

Above: Rustic Roman Numeral Clock ($79.99). Available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

Kaleidoscope 24″ Wall Clock

Named after the kaleidoscope of colour, this creative clock can liven up any modern home. The bright and cheery multicoloured-panels contrast with black antique hands, and the funky numerals express a warm sense of fun.

Above: Kaleidoscope 24″ Wall Clock ($69.99). Available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Credit: Pottery Barn

White Washed Clock

Give your home that comfy autumn feeling with Pottery Barn’s white washed clock. The rustic off-white finish gives its reclaimed-wood frame a timeworn look while also highlighting the wood’s natural texture.

Above: White Washed Clock ($233.10). Available at Pottery Barn (online only).

Credit: Pottery Barn

White Station Clock

This clock is a blast from the past – early 20th century train stations used a similar model. Made from industrial iron and designed to be read from a distance, this classic antique merges the old with the new.

Above: White Station Clock ($192.97). Available at Pottery Barn (online only).

Credit: Pottery Barn

Industrial Chalkboard Wall Clock

This functional timepiece is ideal in a kitchen or home office where family plans are made. Framed with a wide, magnetic chalkboard, this clever clock not only tells the time, but also keeps you on schedule with plenty of space to write down appointments or reminders. The retro, record-like appearance keeps the vibe fun and fresh.

Above: Industrial Chalkboard Wall Clock (257.72). Available at Pottery Barn (online only).

Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

Roman Gear Clock

Be ahead of the times with this ultra-modern piece from Bed Bath & Beyond. Fans of steampunk will fall in love with this contemporary clock that features a cutout border, roman numerals, and a multicoloured gear centre.

Above:Roman Gear Clock($69.99). Available atBed Bath & Beyond.