7 Ways to Create a Stylish Home Office

Interior designer Angela Robinson shares her tricks for creating an inspired office space that works as hard as you do

Keep it Simple

For an office space that’s both stylish and productive, try opting for a clean, streamlined look. This reduces the potential for unsightly distractions while also providing an ideal backdrop for a mix of accessories.

“Less is more,” says interior designer, Angela Robinson. “Start with a more minimal look and incorporate additional decor or storage in time.”

Look for Inspiration

We could all use a little motivation during the daily nine-to-five grind—so why not incorporate it into your decor? 

Whether it’s a collection of photographs, a carefully curated dream board or lists of your long- and short-term goals, Robinson asserts that including visual reminders in your office can help keep you focused throughout the workday. Illustrated calendars and framed awards or certificates help achieve a similar objective.

Maximize Light

Light—whether natural or artificial—is key in creating a space that’s bright, open, and inviting. But just because you’re styling an office, doesn’t mean you’re limited to the clunky, commercial options available at your local office supply store.

“Your home office is at home so it’s important that it feels that way, too,” says Robinson. For a more welcoming feel, she suggests residential lighting styles that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Stylish desk or task lamps can also be paired with decorative fixtures to create multiple sources of light that will keep your office shining.

Showcase Artwork

In addition to items of inspiration, Robinson also suggests hanging a variety of artwork in your office.

Whether you prefer a hand-drawn, painted or photographed piece, beautiful art can help your workspace feel homier while also acting as a striking focal point. But again, it’s important that the pieces have some purpose.

“Don’t display items just for the sake of having it on your wall,” says Robinson. “Make sure it’s serving you in some way.”

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Splurge on Details

Like any well-styled space, a chic office is all in the details—think pens, paper, and other everyday office supplies. For this reason, it doesn’t hurt to invest in some quality (and decorative) tools.

“Don’t be afraid to splurge on office supplies,” says Robinson. “Choose items that appeal to you visually since you’ll be looking at them so often.”

From Rifle Paper Co.’s fanciful designs to Chapter Indigo’s own extensive range of seasonal office tools, you’re sure to find something that fits your style and budget.

Try Wallpaper

If you’re looking to make a more daring style statement, decorative wallpaper may just be the way to go. Take advantage of your office’s smaller space and opt for a fun print or colour that otherwise may not work in a bigger room.

“It’s an opportunity to be really bold without having to commit to a larger space,” says Robinson.

Credit: IKEA

Ban Clutter

The easiest way to add some instant style to your home office? Declutter.

“Only keep those items that are working for you,” says Robinson. She suggests going through your supplies once every few months and getting rid of those which you no longer use.

Ensuring that each item has an easy-to-find home in your office is also important in maintaining a neat space. Robinson organizes her charging cords, cables, and keys on a pin-tacked corkboard that’s stored in her office closet (“There’s no need for junk drawers!” she says.)