8 Ways to Showcase the Succulent Trend Indoors

8 tips to help you bring the outside inside with style

With summer at our doorstep, we’ve gathered tips from the experts on how to incorporate a hot trend into your home

Nothing says “Hello, summer” like adding an extra touch of greenery to your home decor. When it comes to incorporating nature indoors, there are a lot of factors to consider, from maintenance to aesthetics. If you’re looking for a way to bring a bit of the outside inside, cacti and succulents are the perfect place to start. These small-yet-chic plants are not a very new trend, but they’re known for being the perfect accessory to spruce up your home.

According to Jacques Coulliette, Vice President of design and trend at Michaels, there are many ways to decorate a space with cacti and succulents, from pots to decorative cushions. Regardless of how they’re displayed, succulents bring an air of laid-back coolness to rooms and deliver a fresh, sculptural and often colourful element to surfaces and spaces in need of a pick-me-up.

1. Think outside the plant

Etsy‘s trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson, says cacti and succulent motifs can be incorporated into your design in ways far beyond just traditional plants. “From throw pillows to candles to wall art and more, when trying to select the best products for your home, think outside the box and consider using the theme to mix-in pops of colour.”

2. Fashion a succulent wreath

As a bit of a twist—instead of traditional artwork—why not substitute succulent wreaths? Whether you choose the pre-made option or opt for DIY, succulent plants in a combination of shapes, sizes and coloured blooms help add perennial appeal to any style space, including walls.

3. Play with pots

“If your space is filled with bright sunlight and you’re green thumb savvy, load mantels and window sills with succulents and cacti with varying heights and show them off in playful pots,” says Isom, “Planters offer a great opportunity for shoppers to show off their personalities—whether a modern minimalist or bright and bold maximalist.”

4. Freshen up the tabletop

“Surprisingly, succulents aren’t synonymous with cacti,” says Coulliette. “In fact, they take many shapes and grow in a variety of happy hues.” To add instant intrigue to tabletops (such as a dining table or entry console), arrange bold florals with complementary succulents—like agave or echeveria—in multiple matching containers.

5. Relax with cacti cushions

“Guess what? Cacti can be cushy too!” says Coulliette. Succulent-style printed pillows are the perfect way to add comfort and a coolness factor to a space. For an extra punch, mix and match cushions of different designs and shapes. Coulliette recommends these Cactus Print Cushions by Ashland.

6. Get creative with materials

“Not a plant parent? Show off your love for the cactus and succulent trend in other ways,” says Isom. Try modern paper plants, wood figurines, or pull out your artistic skills and use a rubber stamp to create your own art on tea towels or bags.

7. Hang decorative succulents

“Potted plants are always a fan favourite but can stagnate decor to just the eye level. Add height to any room by opting for long, vertical hanging succulents instead.”

8. Spruce up the jewellery collection

“Sometimes something small can pack a big punch—while serving as a handy helpmate to boot. Simply replace a plain-Jane jewellery tray or soap dish with a colourful painterly design to add an impactful touch of the trend.”