Adding Masculine Touches to a Feminine Living Space

Adding certain elements into your home can make it go from "girls only" to a unisex space

Credit: Tracey Ayton

Add certain accessories into your home to make it cozy for guys and gals

These simple tips will ensure everyone feels comfortable with the decor when male and female partners merge their living spaces

Question: My partner is moving into my condo, which is very bright and feminine. How can we add some masculine touches to balance out what currently looks like a girls-only club?

Answer: Welcoming your partner into your home is a fabulous opportunity to grant fresh eyes to your decor. It’s often the juxtaposition between masculine and feminine elements that creates a well-balanced space.

One of our favourite ways to tone down the femininity and add visual interest is to incorporate industrial pieces (vintage or reclaimed items will also add a sense of story to your home). In condos, try industrial shelving (1). Custom pieces can be created for a reasonable cost and provide personalized storage options while adding a cool and more masculine backdrop to showcase your treasures (2).

At AGCTK we love to support local talent – our go-to guys for super cool custom industrial pieces are at Shop Wrong (1192 E. Hastings St., Vancouver) and Union Wood Co. (503 Railway St., Vancouver).

Another easy injection of industrial chic is through lighting (3). Even the most feminine of rooms can achieve “gender balance” with the right light choices. Oversized metal lighting creates a bold statement without having to give up your best girly pieces. Try wall-mounted bedside sconces in lieu of table lamps as another sweet space-saver. A local gem to find stellar industrial lighting (and maybe a custom piece if you ask nicely) is Space Lab (1847 Main St., Vancouver).

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