Ami McKay Launches Eco-friendly Bedding at Bed Bath and Beyond

On-trend bedding meets natural materials with Vancouver designer's fabulous new linens line

Vancouver designer creates exclusive line of natural bedding for Bed Bath and Beyond

Fed up with having to pick between on-trend design and natural materials when sourcing bedding for her clients, Vancouver designer Ami McKay did what any great designer would do – she created her own.

“When I started this process, options were pretty limited for natural fibre products,” explains McKay. “I felt like I had to choose between great design or great materials.”

Now, McKay has married both in Pure Bedding 2015, an exclusive natural fibre collection for Bed Bath and Beyond styled after three graphic patterns – Coho, Criss-Cross, and Shitake –  each washed in bold, earthy hues and designed to be mixed and matched. The predominantly cotton and bamboo line is OEKO-TEX certified, meaning it’s made with eco-friendly practices and materials in mind.

Click through for a look at the Pure Bedding 2015 collection – as well as McKay’s inspiration for each design – or check it out online or in-store at Bed Bath and Beyond locations now.


Elements of nature inspire a majority of McKay’s designs in the Pure Bedding collection.

“‘Shitake’ originated from a sketch I did of a jellyfish,” she explains. “When the sketch was blown up on fabric, it looked like a Shitake mushroom so we called it that!”

Shitake standard sham, $29.99; duvet, from $139.99; and sheets, from $139.99


“The Criss-Cross design was inspired by a trip I took to Tuscany, where all the needlework took my breath away,” shares McKay. “When I returned home, I took a piece of paper and hand stitched this criss-cross pattern onto it. I then painted the pattern with watercolours and sent it to the factory.”

Criss-cross duvet, from $139.99; sheets, from $139.99; quilted standard sham, $34.99; standard sham, $29.99; toss cushion, from $26.99

Cozy Throws

McKay loves the lightweight throws from her collection. “I use them on my deck from spring to fall,” she says.  “I love wrapping myself in them on a crisp and cool evening, with a glass of wine and a book.”

Criss-Cross throw, $39.99


Though McKay’s third design is named for its resemblance to a salmon, it was actually inspired by the natural movement of wood grain.

“The grain in wood is as unique as your fingertip,” she says. “I hand-painted the grain of the wood and then played with the scale of it. When the painting was translated onto fabric, my partner and I thought it looked like salmon—we’re foodies!—so we decided to call it Coho.”

Coho standard sham, $29.99; duvet, from $139.99; and sheets, from $139.99

Feather Prints

“Feathers are symbolic in many cultures of communication with the spirit world, and represent the wings of angels,” says McKay of her feather toss pillows. “I love this so much – it gives me inspiration whenever I see one.”

Feather toss cushion, $26.99

European-inspired Design

McKay’s favourite piece from the collection?

“Definitely the Criss-Cross bedding,” she says. “It reminds me of Tuscany, so I put a lot of love into its design.”

Criss-Cross duvet, from $139.99; standard sham, $29.99; quilted sham, from $34.99; toss cushion, from $26.99; throw, $39.99; and coverlet, from $139.99