BC-inspired Paint Palettes

Four common BC home types get colour makeovers with trending palettes

Credit: Mandy Lau

From a Chinatown loft to a Whistler retreat, four popular BC locales are the inspiration behind paint palettes with a positively regional flair

With themes like rebirth and connect, vintage moxie and exotic organics, what we’ve learned from paint companies in 2013 is that colour is colour is more flexible than ever. It is both regional and global. Using four different trending palettes, we’ve brought colour home.

North Shore Rancher

The boxy shape and generous space of a Vancouver North Shore rancher is complemented by ’50s colours mixed with modern tones.

Colour is all about relationships. Marry two retro shades, Renew 200 and Renew 198, with a couple of modern colours, and you’ll be surprised by the outcome.

Renew 200 is a mid-century, mid-tone green with a lively personality. Another great ’50s colour that packs a punch is Renew 198. This shade of raspberry has a playful nature, but, if used correctly, can be surprisingly sophisticated.

Refine 207 is an elegant cool grey that brings out the more serious side of our mid-century palette and makes it feel grown up. For the daring, brown-black Revive 216 is the ultimate dramatic statement.

Colour Savvy

If you’re using strong wall colours, steer clear of crisp whites on ceiling and trim. It will makes things look too stark and harsh. A creamy white such as Renew 203 will give a softer and more pleasing look.

Paint: General Paint

Credit: Mandy Lau

Pender Harbour Cottage

Bring the outdoors in with a moody blue palette injected with a cheerful hue.

Lemon Sorbet is Benjamin Moore’s colour for 2013. This bright, but not overwhelming yellow, evokes sunshine.

Partner it with the aptly named Tranquility. This easy to live with beach-glass green is a highly adaptable colour that works well over large areas.

Maintain that watery feeling with Van Courtland Blue. There’s a touch of green at the heart of this colour that keeps it both warm and calming.

Evening Dove is a deep blue that reminds us of the water at night and the evening sky.

Colour Savvy

Throw white out the window when it comes to trim. White interrupts the eye, so use a dark colour such as Evening Dove instead. Alternatively, you could use the same colour on both walls and trim. You’ll wish you had done it long ago.

Paint: Benjamin Moore

Credit: Mandy Lau

Chinatown Loft

The vibrancy and diversity of Victoria’s Chinatown past and present is celebrated in this bold palette.

Move beyond white with Sterling Spoon. This warm, pale-gray can be used on both walls and ceilings to open up a small space.

Roar is a perfect orange to pair with grey. It’s a great accent colour and would also look fabulous in a kitchen combined with dark-wood cabinetry.

Mermaid Tail is a deep blue-green that takes its cue from Pantone’s colour of the year, emerald green.

Avocado Shake is a retro yellow-green that’s not for the faint of heart, but if you want a funky accent colour, this one will do the trick.

Colour Savvy

Don’t paint just one wall in an accent colour. Think about wrapping it onto two walls instead. In an open space, find several different areas where it would make architectural sense to add an accent colour. Balancing out the use of colour will add a sense of harmony to your space.

Paint: Para Paints

Credit: Mandy Lau

Whistler Chalet

With stone fireplaces and lots of wood a staple in so many alpine retreats, these rustic colours are the perfect complement to a weekend retreat.

Don’t be fooled by the name, Rare Gray has a green undertone. Over a large area this will be a soft earthy green that will look great with both wood and stone.

Poolhouse has a slate feel to it. This slightly greyed out blue is another colour that looks great with earthy materials.

There’s a touch of brown in Rustic Red, a great colour for adding both warmth and a bit of drama. You may find yourself over the moon for Outerspace. This versatile deep blue would be fabulous in a dining room, den, media room, or even a bedroom.

Colour Savvy

A small sample chip that looks grey can turn into something radically different when painted on a wall. Remember, if a neutral colour has an undertone of another colour in it, then that colour will become amplified once the paint has been applied.

Paint: Sherwin Williams

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