Bold and Beautiful Home Accessories

Liven up your home with a spot or two of colour

The Bau light by Normann Copenhagen has a fun, asymmetrical design

The Bau light by Normann Copenhagen has a fun, asymmetrical design

Simple lines and confident use of primary colours will add a playful pop of modernity to any home


Bau Light

Make a bold statement with the Bau light by Normann Copenhagen (above). The fun, asymmetrical design of this light fixture is beautifully balanced by simple circles in bright primary colours ($315; Inform Interiors).

Circle Square/Guggenheim Mobile

Liven up any room with the whimsical Circle Square/Guggenheim mobile by Flensted Mobiles.

This piece of kinetic art employs all the classic Bauhaus elements of strict geometrical shapes and pure primary colours. It’s truly artwork in motion ($172; Gabriel Ross).

Marshmallow Sofa

The Nelson Marshmallow sofa by Herman Miller is an iconic piece of furniture, whose name alone should get you smiling.

These plump, ruby red circular cushions line up perfectly to create a sofa that is every bit as playful as it is functional ($4,405; Living Space).

Wilco Table

Sleek, simple and all curves, the Wilco table adds that all-important hit of black with its circular top and fluted base ($875; Home Delight Furnishings).

Homage to Mondrian Cabinet

The exaggerated vertical and horizontal blocking makes the Homage To Mondrian cabinet by Cappellini a dramatic piece.

This cabinet employs Mondrian’s signature use of vibrant red, yellow and blue against stark black and white ($13,916; Inform Interiors).

Crying Girl Print

If you’re going to make a statement with artwork, turn to Roy Lichtenstein and his ironic comic book stylin’ for dramatic impact.

His Crying Girl print is a celebrated image, showcasing pop art’s trademark use of primary colours and simple yet precise composition ($18.99; AllPosters).

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