6 Bright Colours to Light up Your Home

Bold paint colours rule the palette this year. Try one of these 6 seasonal shades

Credit: Sico

Go bold at home this season with colours that will awaken your walls and your senses

Paint palettes have taken a turn toward sunny bright colours in an effort to lift the spirits and energize the mind. So, whether you’re wrapping a room wall to wall, making a singular bold statement, or accenting with colourful accessories, try some of these rich hues to liven up any space.

Credit: Dulux

Violet (Dulux Inspired Violet)

Dubbed the 2013 ‘Colour of The Year’ by Dulux paints, violet is a dramatic yet comforting hue that is versatile enough to be used throughout a decorating scheme. It can be played up with warm yellows and reds, contrasted with crisp whites and brushed silver finishings, or toned down with dark wooden furniture, deep greens, greys and black. Its ability to make a statement on its own, while also acting as the backdrop for bold patterns and accessories, earns violet its top spot in this season’s colour palette.

Credit: Sico

Deep Emerald (Sico Peacock’s Head)

A burst of revitalizing energy comes with every stroke of the brush when bringing this saturated tone into your home. With its ability to be both fun and sophisticated, the versatility of this colour allows it to traverse all spaces: from bedroom to bathroom and kitchen to children’s room. Displaying this bold colour in your home invites inspiration and creativity. Create a more subdued look by pairing it with calm greys and white.

Credit: Sico

Orange (Sico Clementine)

Bright like the citrus fruit that gave it its name and warm like the rays of sun that lift the frosts of winter, orange is an exciting colour with a comforting aura. Shades of orange will have a transformative effect on your home, turning a lifeless space into one of passion and purpose. It is a colour of unassuming depth that will also bring out the warmth of complementary colours such as blues and pinks. If you’re hesitant, try colouring just one wall to ease into this trend.

Credit: Sico

Royal Blue (Sico Effluvium, paired with Sico Ithaca)

Rich royal blues evoke a sense of sturdiness and regality. These characteristics make royal blue a sumptuous shade to incorporate into your home design. Pairing well with other shades of blue and standing out against white accents, this colour scheme will transform a room into an oasis of tranquility and elegance. This aesthetic is further heightened with earthen tones and objects, such as wood and leather furniture.

Credit: CIL

Rose (CIL Magnificence)

Warm and soothing, rose is a colour well suited for bedrooms and living rooms, where this comforting hue envelops the room like a cozy blanket. Beautiful against similar pastel colours like soft yellow and mint, as well as richer burgundy and jade, the mood here is one of relaxation and retreat.

Credit: Sico

Lime Yellow (Sico Pesto Pasta)

Not for the faint of heart, this colour commands attention. Suitable as a striking accent or used to add a burst of colour to playful rooms like children’s bedrooms or games rooms, lime yellow is full of life. If you’re feeling bold it works well with other citrusy brights like orange and pink, but also complements darker turquoise and monochromatic patterns.