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Can Ceiling Fans Beat the Heat?

When the weather turns up the heat, turn on the right ceiling fan for your space and home

When the weather turns up the heat, turn on the right ceiling fan for your space and home

People often think of ceiling fans the most when the weather begins to warm because they want to be refreshed and kept cool when it’s scorching hot outside. One thing is for sure, picking the wrong fan can really make you feel the heat, which is why it’s important to know what to look for when selecting a ceiling fan.

Anne Finn is an ALA Lighting Specialist at Norburn Lighting & Bath Centre. She has a few great tips for making sure you’re getting the right ceiling fan to keep you cool this year…

Size matters

Always consider the square footage of your room, as it will determine what size fan will give off the best airflow in a space. As a general guideline, Anne suggests a minimum of 18 to 24 inches of clearance on all sides of the fan.

Look at airflow

Most manufacturers will provide a CFM measurement, which looks at the airflow per cubic feet per minute when the fan is on the highest speed. The best CFM is over 6,000.

Anne suggests, “Always compare the pitch of the blade and the air flow when deciding which fan is best for your space.”

Pitch perfect

Believe it or not, the number of blades is not what gives off the best airflow. With the advancement in technology, the number of blades no longer trumps how much airflow a fan can give off.

“The blade pitch is more important,” Anne says. “The flatter the blade, the less air, the more angled (pitch) the blade, the more air movement.”

DC motor

Ceiling fans that have a DC motor offer an abundance of benefits, one of which is that they tend to be more energy efficient and last a little bit longer. Often, you will find that ceiling fans built with DC motors will have six different speed options, which allows you to have more control on how much airflow you have in a space.

The best combo

Using a ceiling fan alone might not be enough for some days, which is why it is often recommended to use a ceiling fan with your air conditioner. “Set your thermostat two degrees higher and use a ceiling fan to circulate cool air,” Anne says. “This can reduce your air conditioning cost by 14 percent.”

Norburn’s specialists can offer more ceiling fan tips to suit your unique space.

Be sure to stop by the Norburn showroom at 4600 Hastings Street for expert advice and to view a complete selection of ceiling fans. Alternatively, reach Norburn at, learn more online or connect on FacebookInstagram or LinkedIn.