Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Design Style

Whether you're a staunch traditionalist or a diehard modernist, here's a primer on choosing lighting for your favourite design look

Credit: Pottery Barn

Create a cohesive design by defining your lighting style

In any design project, lighting serves as a powerful element for communicating your unique esthetic. Whether you are a staunch traditionalist or a diehard modernist, by honing in on the hallmarks of your lighting style you can achieve a more cohesive design that flows from room to room. Here’s a primer on choosing lighting for your favourite design look in order to make a strong style statement.


When selecting lighting for a traditional design scheme, look for fixtures with more intricate details, crystals and old-world finishes such as aged gold and silver. In a traditional home, my favourite way of adding interest is by using decorative lighting fixtures, such as wall sconces, in key areas – flanking a doorway, lining a hallway, above a fireplace and integrated into the millwork design. Resist the overuse of pot lights and focus on installing decorative fixtures in each room that give that traditional look and speak to your sense of style.


Are you looking to create a home with a vintage vibe? Select lighting fixtures that reference 1930s, ’40s and ’50s style. With simpler lines than more traditional lighting, pieces with a vintage feel have that retro charm. A timeless schoolhouse fixture is a staple of vintage lighting. Milk glass, chrome and bronze are the finishes you’ll be after for your vintage look.


Minimalist fixtures with angular lines can add a modern feel to a space. When choosing fixtures for your modern home, think fewer and more impactful. A single, sculptural fixture in a modern room can act like a dramatic piece of art and has no need for other fixtures support. Finishes can range from chrome to nickel to brass.