Decorate Your Home with Pantone’s Colour of the Year

Interior designer Lori Steeves shares tips on how to incorporate Ultra Violet into our homes

Interior designer Lori Steeves shares tips on how to incorporate Ultra Violet into our homes

A new year means new home decor trends and Pantone has given us the first trend of the season. They recently revealed their Colour of the Year: Ultra Violet 18-3838. For those of us interested in incorporating this rich colour in our homes, the possibilities are endless and exciting. But with a colour this bold, it can be tricky to integrate. Luckily, Lori Steeves of Simply Home Decorating is here to share some of her tips and expertise.

“Although we like this year’s colour, feelings about violet and purple can be mixed,” says Steeves, “so we don’t recommend selecting it for long-term, costly finishes like flooring or fixtures, especially if you intend to sell anytime soon.”

Here are her five tips on how to make Ultra Violet work in your home…


1. Have fun with it

“Ultra Violet isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. Use it to liven up an otherwise neutral space.” Steeves recommends starting small and incorporating it through low-cost accessories like toss pillows and throw blankets.


2. Experiment

With any bold colour, a little can go a long way. If you aren’t sure about how Ultra Violet will work with your decor, start with something temporary like a floral arrangement and see how it goes with the rest of the space.


3. Tone it down

If you like the idea of Ultra Violet but still find it a bit bold for your taste, choose a toned-down version like plum or mauve. Even subtle shades can make a big difference to a space.


4. Play it up

Alternatively, if you love bold bursts of colour, keep your options open by choosing fabric, wallpaper or artwork that combines Ultra Violet with other colours like acid green, yellow or pink. That way, you’re not committed to a single colour and can play up the one that suits your mood.


5. Just jump in

If you’re crazy about Ultra Violet, go ahead and be daring with it, especially in a powder or guest room. Don’t be afraid to paint or even wallpaper these rooms with Ultra Violet.