Dress up Your Decor for Canada Day

What's red and white and waving a flag? Our Canada Day decor picks, of course!

Credit: Flickr/Matzuda

Add a little red and white to your decor this Canada Day

Canada Day plates, napkins and even an apron for those who like to dress up this national holiday

Flag-wavers? Not really us Canadians, are we? Doesn’t mean we don’t love a good Canada Day celebration and a chance to proudly wear our red and white (not to mention all that Canada swag we kept from the 2010 Games) on July 1.

Planning a picnic-in-the-park or BBQ at-home to celebrate? Here are some fun items to grab for an instant Canada’s Birthday party theme, all affordable. too.

Decorate with Leafs, Eh

Why settle for ho-hum white Chinet paper plates? These maple leaf paper plates are just $3 a package, so getting these ‘Eh’ napkins to go with is a no-brainer, also $3. Both from the PC Home collection at Superstore.

Go Red and Green

Like any birthday, we celebrate Canada’s every year, so buying plates and napkins that you wash and re-use is a great green idea.

Since ants and picnics go together like Ben & Jerry, I’m lovin’ these charming appetizer plates, 4-pc set, $19.99, and fabric napkins, 4-pc, $5.99, both from Sears.

Wear the Nation on Your Apron

Whoever’s the Canada Day grill-master at your gathering deserves a sparkling new apron, $10, and oven mitt, $6, both from PC Home.

Happy Canada Day!

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