Evergreen Berry Plants for Winter Decoration

The firethorn shrub is a a great complement to holly when it comes to festive foliage

Pyracantha coccinea fruit is a bright, festive red

The Pyracantha, or firethorn, shrub is a bright, jolly alternative for those bored with holly

The bright red berries and shiny, spiny-margined, evergreen foliage of the holly is traditionally associated with Christmas and winter decoration.

There are even hollies with golden yellow or orange fruit, plus cultivars with green leaves edged with white or cream. But, there are other options for decorating your homes with evergreen foliage and berries.

One of these, frequently grown in our gardens, is the firethorn or Pyracantha. These large shrubs have thorny (so be careful handling) glossy green leaves, with abundant clusters of red, orange, orange red, yellow, or golden berries.

So why not cut a few branches of the firethorn to decorate your home in winter, either with, or instead of, holly?