Fall Outdoor Furniture

Summer may be over, but that doesn't mean outdoor lounging has to end

This round woven grass cushion from IKEA makes for the perfect autumn seat

Fall is here, but that doesn’t mean you have to pack it in – good outdoor furniture keeps outside festivities alive and well

Come autumn, it’s handy to have a spare stash of seats for impromptu deck and garden parties. Because, while the season is a little too chilly to sit on the grass or bare outdoor furniture, it’s often still warm enough to gather outside.

You can stack and stash these seats in a corner for casual “low-down” indoor dining too:

  • Grass Cushions: We love the inexpensive round woven grass cushions (shown) from Ikea. They’re comfy enough for sitting on the floor and sturdy enough to be used on a deck or patio (when the weather is fair only, as they’re not waterproof at all).
  • Water-resistant Cushions: Outdoor cushions will soon become bargain items at home-décor and garden shops. Consider picking up a half-dozen graphic ones to keep on hand. While often designed for outdoor furniture and lounges, these simple-shaped cushions make great all-weather seats indoors and out. They’re usually stackable and resist stains too. Or opt for a few long lounge cushions for group seating around a low Japanese-style indoor-outdoor table.
  • Exercise Balls: Finally, bright blow-up fitness balls make fun outdoor patio seating and they also work great on damp fall grass!