8 Fantastic Christmas Trees (That Aren’t Actually Trees)

These eight unconventional Christmas trees will be sure to add fun and flair to your holidays

These eight unconventional Christmas trees will be sure to add fun and flair to your holidays


This unique tree has a rustic, minimalist feel and is comprised of only two materials: driftwood and a metal rod. Its bare-bones design would complement any decorated holiday room nicely, and with a bit of love and light, the tree can double as a stunning holiday centerpiece. This tree is the dream DIY project for the person who really, really loves collecting branches. And by the off chance that you don’t, you can find similar beauties online!

Plunger Christmas Tree

Yes, that is a Christmas tree made out of a plunger and it is fantastic. It has a distinct Charlie Brown Christmas motif and is a super way to spice up the bathroom, or the living room if you are really brave. Buy this masterpiece online for only $9.99, or if you really want to put the yokel in your yuletide, snap some branches off a tree, rinse off your plunger and make one yourself.

Vintage Books Christmas Tree

If people are giving you a hard time because of your obnoxiously large book collection, just tell them that there is a reason that you have so many books, and it’s because you are gathering supplies to make a book tree (obviously). Pile up your old books against the wall to make a pyramid shape, drape a string of white lights around it, place a star on top, and voilà! A tree made out books made out of trees.

Wine Bottle Christmas Tree

Well, if I have to drink 60 bottles of wine to make this, then I guess I will. The wine Christmas tree has become a massive holiday hit, probably because it incorporates two of everybody’s favourite things—Christmas and copious amounts of wine. To make one, simply buy a tree-shaped wine bottle display rack, cover with some garland and lights, and fill the empty spaces with bottles as you use them!

Crate Christmas Tree

Even old, musty storage items can be transformed into beautiful holiday decor. To make this no hassle Christmas tree, just pile up some different sized crates and dress with holiday gleam and goodies. What’s great about this idea is that you can tuck your presents inside the crates, and when Christmas is over you have a place to store your decor for next year!

Ladder Christmas tree

Who needs ladders, anyway? Style before safety! Grab a ladder and throw on some lights and trinkets to make this quirky holiday-themed piece. Click here for a tutorial on how to make your own ladder Christmas tree.

Branches Christmas Tree

Branch out this year and try this funky DIY Christmas creation. Gather some different twigs, adorn them with shiny pretties and arrange them on the wall from large to small to make this tree-inspired Christmas wall hanging.

Christmas Collage Wall Tree

There are so many ways to get creative with a mixed medium Christmas Tree—from magnets to family photos to buttons, the options are endless. And for those who have lots of fridge magnets (and time), this would be a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.