Fast Fixes: Patterned Bookshelf Lining Paper

Take your bookshelf to the next level with easy-to-install chic shelf paper

Credit: Courtesy Chic Shelf Paper

Elevate an ordinary bookshelf with modern shelf lining paper

Guest blogger Kristen Gladiuk shared her easy ideas for bringing some style to a functional bookcase.

Rather than simply lining up books like soldiers, she stacked some horizontally, propped some favourite items alongside and on top, and made over the her bookshelf in a matter of minutes.

Next up: Patterned Bookshelf Lining Paper

Ready to take it to the next level? Then get out the shelf paper. Once reserved for lining the inside of cupboards and drawers, shelf paper is making its way out of hidden places and revealing itself as the perfect DIY tool, especially for giving a much-needed boost to the inside-back of bookshelves. We’re not necessarily taking about old-fashioned motifs or surfaces with a vinyl-like sheen, either.

Fine-weave fabrics and matte papers are a welcome update to the wash-and-wear shelf paper that’s meant to be concealed in the kitchen drawer. And companies like Chic Shelf Paper are bringing metallic hues and geometrics into the limelight, along with traditional patterns (like this Moorish design, shown above), so your DIY project can look as industrial or elegant as you like.

For a gallery of ideas, plus step-by-step installation instructions, go to Chic Shelf Paper.