Go Green with Your Halloween Decorations

Opt for au naturel decorations that you can eat or recycle later

Credit: TV Week

Your spooky gourd decoration can be roasted for dinner post-Halloween

Pass on the dollar store Halloween decorations this year and choose decor that can be used beyond the holiday

Be ghoulish and green this Halloween with decorations you can keep growing, or simply dismantle and eat after the trick-or-treaters have gone.

A planter display for the front door or entry is an easy way to repurpose an existing container (perhaps one from the summer with soil in place).

Head to the nursery for winter kale plants, or some tall landscape grasses. Pot them up, then simply insert a few festive bats or spiders. Spooky!

Not partial to plants? Layer moss and decorative stones atop your base and stack several squashes for a festive jack-o-lantern. Cut out and light, or decorate with water-based markers or paint.

If you choose culinary squashes, you can always bake and devour them after.

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