Hang a Mod Mobile

Hanging mobiles aren't just for kids anymore. These handmade pieces of hanging art are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and dens

Contexture’s Redfish mobile features 7 sockeye salmon and a bear family

If you think hanging mobiles are just for kids or fit for nursery duty only, think again

The mod mobiles by Vancouver designers at Contexture are perfect for all ages and look equally fabulous in a child’s room, living room or den.

Laser-cut from recycled paper and salvaged maps, the “Redfish” mobile (shown) features seven hanging pieces depicting 10 sockeye salmon in red on one side, with maps on the flip side, along with a bear family in situ.

The designers note that the topographic maps are used to reflect the uniqueness of a watershed and the connection between wildlife and habitat.

Fittingly, the “As the Crow Flies” mobile features a family of flying crows returning home to their rookery. $75 each. 

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