Hangover chandeliers

Recycled glass tumblers-cum-chandelier by Propellor Design.

Credit: Propellor Design

The Dram chandelier by Propellor Design is made of recycled tumblers and glasses

Memories of steamy nights, rowdy parties, hangover cocktails – who could imagine the scenes witnessed by 120 recycled tumblers and glasses? But in this sculptural reincarnation, the Dram chandelier by Propellor Design, each glass has been given a new function: to bend, reflect and colour light.

Propellor partner Toby Barratt explains: “I’m a thrift store nut. I’d see this beautiful glass from the ’60s and ’70s in ones and twos, and I just started buying them.”

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Propellor Design



The chandeliers can be custom-made and are limited only by the colours of glass available from times passed. The team has made the Dram chandelier in greens and blues, ambers and reds, and clear and white combinations. Prices start at around $3,400 for a 22-inch-diameter chandelier. The 36-inch-diameter piece (shown) goes for $6,100.