Holiday 2012 Home Decor Trends

Holiday season has arrived, which means it's time to adorn your home with fun and festive decor

Credit: Pottery Barn

Mercury Globe String Lights

Whether they’re for crisp autumn evenings or frosty winter nights, a glowing string of lights can add warmth and ambience to the outdoors. Pottery Barn’s Mercury globe string lights radiate a soft glow through their intricately patterned fluted-glass shells. On closer inspection, the spheres resemble a classic Christmas ornament, perfect for decorating throughout the holiday season. Spiral the strands around potted trees for a festive yard or hang them around a seating area to create a special outdoor nook. From $50.75.

Chilewich Dahlia Placemat

Bring any tabletop to life at the drop of a mat – a Chilewich dahlia placemat, to be precise. The intricate lace cutwork is a stunning backdrop for simple dishware and an easy way of dressing up drab table settings. Made from pressed vinyl, the mats are durable, suitable for both indoors and out and can be cleaned in a snap. Try overlapping several mats in the middle of your table with a simple flower arrangement for a scene-stealing centrepiece. $10 each.

The Angel’s Message

From Sid Dickens’ Holiday 2012 collection, the Angel’s Message limited edition tile doubles as home decor and a seasonal flourish. Dickens drew from a palette of gold, green, cream and earthen colours for a collection that reflects the transition from bright summer days to the cosy warmth of winter when the world slows down. Depending on your style, this sweet-faced angel can watch over your home year-round or make special holiday appearances. Mounting the tile on a wall is a quick way to create a mini art installation, or for temporary displays, prop it up on a small iron easel. $82; Chintz & Company.

Ferm Living Cork Coasters

It’s not a dinner party if there aren’t a few corks strewn across the table by the evening’s end. Ferm Living is adding cork to the entertainment equation in a new way with their circular coasters. Balls of cork are strung together to make the perfect landing spot for hot pans, pots and dishes that require tabletop real estate. The 3-cm cork balls elevate wares, adding a bit of pop to the presentation of your dishes. Neutral cork meshes well with bright, subtle, casual and upscale table settings, making it a versatile partner for laid-back family meals or dining in style. $20.

Patina Home Interiors Turkish Rugs

Patina Home Interiors’ six-foot-by-nine-foot patchwork Turkish rugs aren’t second hand – they’re second generation. The owners of the B.C. home store travel to a family-run business in Istanbul, where they browse a multitude of exquisite rugs, choosing their favourites to bring back to Canada. The rugs are made from antique Turkish carpets that have been shaved, bleached, cut up and sewn back together. Also available in solid colours. $3,200.

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