Holiday Decorating Ideas for the Minimalist

Finding it hard to keep your home’s minimalist aesthetic during the holidays? An interior designer shares her tips on simple, yet festive decor

Create a festive look at home without giving up a minimalist aesthetic

Less excess and clutter, and more white space, clean lines and plenty of chic—it’s not hard to see the appeal of a minimalist home. But what does that mean for the holidays, a time of year typically defined by a mishmash of baubles, tinsel and colourful decor?

“Traditional holiday decor is usually quite layered,” says interior designer Alda Pereira. “There’s a lot of ornamentation that represents the opposite of a minimalist approach—the reduction to bare essentials.”

But rest assured, it’s entirely possible to have both.

Click through for five of Alda’s tips on minimalist holiday decor.

Streamline Your Tree

If you can’t imagine the holidays without a decked-out tree, you can decorate your evergreen with a single element, such as tinsel, which adds a festive feel that doesn’t clash with the rest of your decor.

“It creates more impact by highlighting the sparkle while, at the same time, strengthening the form of your tree,” says Pereira.

Credit: Stylish Eve

Pick a Palette

For a more modern look, ditch the multi-hued bulbs and stick to a palette of one or two festive colours. All-white accents make for a chic winter-wonderland look, for example, while a combination of white with red or silver helps instill the holidays without too much visual clutter.

“Reducing your decor to one or two colours creates a strong, cohesive impact,” says Pereira.

Credit: Pottery Barn

Invest in Statement Pieces

When it comes to the tabletop, avoid decorating with a hodgepodge of Christmas-related objects and, instead, invest in a few statement pieces that can speak to the holidays alone.

“Adding simple elements such as pine cones, an eye-catching table runner or vintage, textured glassware will reduce the need to over decorate the table with other objects,” says Pereira.

Credit: Chic-Deco

Embrace Multiples

Have a piece of holiday decor that you love the look of? Go ahead and use it in multiples. “Following the principles in design, such as the use of repetition, will create interest and focus in your space,” explains Pereira.

Whether you decide to line a few wreaths on your hallway walls or arrange a number of festive candles along your mantel, remember: odd numbered groups typically look more appealing.

Credit: Deavita

Look to Nature

“Most elements that we associate with the holidays come from nature and are easily obtained from the outdoors,” says Pereira. “They also help minimize the unnecessary purchasing of additional decor objects.”

A beautiful arrangement of berry branches, for example, can be paired with votive candles or a candelabrum to create a warm focal point, which, according to Pereira, is “all you need to visually communicate the holiday spirit.”