Hot Home Decor Trends for Fall

Interior designer Andrea Rodman shares her favourite home decor trends and tips for fall 2017

Interior designer Andrea Rodman shares her favourite home decor trends and tips for fall 2017

It’s that time of year again. The weather has started to cool, which means fall has arrived. Giving your decor a seasonal upgrade can be both exciting and challenging, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with ideas. Luckily, interior designer Andrea Rodman is here to give us the inside scoop on the hottest home decor trends for fall.


1. Switch up fabrics

With colder weather approaching, we all want our homes to feel warm and cozy—so how do you achieve warmth and coziness while also adding style? Velvet! “We’re seeing velvet everywhere from furniture to bedding, accent pillows and throws,” says Rodman. Adding velvet is the perfect way to give your home a luxurious touch while also providing colour and sophistication to a neutral pallete. “Currently, I am loving the Washed Velvet Bedding collection from Restoration Hardware. It comes in a variety of soft pastel colours and neutrals. Just looking at it makes me feel warm and cozy!”
$72 to 440, Restoration Hardware


2. Bring in some plants

“As the seasons change, us Canadians tend to get a bit cooped up inside our homes, especially as it gets colder,” says Rodman. “But being outside and connected to nature is vital for our happiness and health.” To help bring the outside inside, Rodman suggests decorating with plants. Not only do they make you feel better, they help keep the air around us clean. “There are a lot of great planter options available at West Elm right now,” she says, “like these metal standing planters.” Gold is another popular trend this fall and helps add a touch of warmth and luxury.
$79 to 99, West Elm


3. Reupholster vintage pieces with a modern twist

Plenty of older trends are making a comeback, and according to Rodman, a great way to freshen up your home this season is to find a great vintage piece in your home and have it reupholstered. “Go for some velvet in a fun colour like teal or blush,” says Rodman. Her current must-have and newest obsession? The Lady Armchair by Marco Zanuso. “It’s from the 1950s!”


4. Accessories for your wall: Embrace curves

When it comes to accessories, Rodman says one trend we can expect this fall is round shapes. “I love the softness of curves because they bring in natural femininity into a space,” she says, “Most of our homes are square rooms with linear straight lines in our cabinetry and window shapes. Bringing in accents and accessories with curves is a great way to create balance and harmony.” To add this look to your home, Rodman suggests these mirrors from Mutto. They can be used in a group or incorporated with a picture wall. For an extra punch, purchase them in coloured glass, another popular trend this season.