How to Create a Tranquil Bathroom

Create an aura of calm in your bathroom by employing soft and subtle tones

Q: I love relaxing in the tub, but my bathroom is not very inviting. What can I do to transform it into a tranquil space?

When trying to create a Zen or spa feel, you want to design a space that allows your eye to float effortlessly around the room.

That means you want to avoid high contrast, like dark walls next to a white shower surround.

Keep tones subtle and soft: creams, sands, taupe and pastels paired with natural textures. I love travertine, marbles and beach pebbles.

Incorporate accents in warm wood tones like teak or espresso. Try working with diagonal lines and accent with circular forms, whether wall sculptures, light fixtures or small pieces. Keep lighting low by replacing your light switches with dimmers or adding under cabinet lighting.

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