How to Decorate a Side Buffet Table for the Holidays

Add a dash of holiday cheer to your side buffet or mantle when you host Christmas dinner this year

Holiday table decorating

How to Decorate a Side Buffet Table Q: I am hosting Christmas dinner at my house this year and would like some ideas on how to decorate a side buffet or mantle for the holidays. What would you suggest?

I’m a big fan of nature, white, and simple shots of colour for the holidays.

I find large, interesting branches that arch over and make a big statement. I spray paint them white, put them in a tall vase filled with faux snow and then hang a few pretty coloured glass balls on a ribbon off the branches.

I also like to fill big vases full of pine cones and sprinkle in faux snow. It makes them look like they have had a light dusting of snow. You can group vases of all sizes together to make a really big display on a mantle or side table.

This is how I get my White Christmas.

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