How to Decorate an Ultra-modern Space

Despite its clean, modern architecture, this year’s PNE Prize Home feels anything but sterile

Tips and tricks to cozy up a modern space from this year’s PNE Prize Home

Just when you thought the makers of last year’s Jillian Harris-designed PNE Prize Home had outdone themselves, this year’s 3,080-square-foot space—valued at $2.1 million—has pulled out all the stops: it’s the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly designer prefab in the Prize Home Lottery’s history.

The Naramata-bound home is designed and constructed by B.C.-based modular home building company, Karoleena, and features an array of high-tech and extremely green advancements, including an upper-floor patio made from a wood-like hybrid of rice husks, salt, and mineral oil; a remote controlled automation system that puts everything from the thermostat to the fully equipped entertainment centre at your fingertips; and an engineered, energy-saving green roof that helps reduce carbon emissions.

But despite its clean, modern architecture and seemingly from-the-future tech, this year’s PNE Prize Home feels anything but sterile.

“The look is very clean, fresh, and bright,” says Kurt Goodjohn, co-founder and CMO of Karoleena. “There’s a natural elegance about it.”

Ahead, we’re sharing the design tips and tricks that help cozy up the ultra modern space—and how you can utilize them in your own space, too.

Incorporate Real Woods

The home’s warm, wood ceilings—constructed entirely from locally sourced Douglas Fir—do wonders to balance out the cool, concrete floors, and an abundance of natural wood cabinetry and built-ins also help cozy up the otherwise stark space.

Karoleena opted for an FSC-certified wood veneer for a majority of the home’s storage and furnishings, including headboards, bedframes, and wardrobes.

“We tried to use natural woods whenever possible,” says Goodjohn. “It helps give the home a very clean, uniform look.”

Add Greenery

The decorators at Karoleena also took care to incorporate a variety of greenery throughout the home. Whether it’s a group of succulents lined up along a table or potted foliage on the counter, indoor plants add a natural element to a space that helps connect it to the outdoors.

“We love bringing the outdoors in whenever we can,” says Goodjohn. “Here, especially, the plants help tie in with the engineered green roof.”

Play with Bright Accents

Clean, white walls and neutral furnishings are offset with bright, patterned accessories in the living, outdoor, and entertainment areas.

Try mixing and matching an assortment of fun throw pillows or getting creative with your coffee table or bookshelf displays to add punches of personality to the typically safer colour palettes and streamlined finishes of a modern home.

Display Artwork

Karoleena’s decorators chose a number of works by B.C.-based photographer, Gord Wylie, to use as decor throughout the home, which also helps bring warmth to the space. Opt for artwork that feature more natural tones and settings—such as Wylie’s beautiful shots of the rugged West Coast landscape—that will stand in brilliant opposition to more modern construction.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

A majority of the home’s large windows are left either uncovered or treated with easy-to-move shades, ensuring that natural light is maximized throughout the day. Upstairs, the energy efficient multi-slide doors that lead from the master bedroom to the upper patio also let in an abundance of light for a warm, bright glow.

Don’t Shy Away From Grey

Though your space may be coated in cooler tones, don’t be afraid of embracing similar shades in your decor. When paired with natural woods, for example, grey can actually help complement—and draw attention to—your sleek finishes.

“Because we used more natural products, we were able to get away with more grey tones without having the space look too stark,” says Goodjohn. “It’s a good juxtaposition.”