How to preserve a full garland

Credit: iStock

Q: How can I preserve a garland?

The best option for preserving a full garland would be to use a glycerine solution. This is an extensive yet effective method of preserving the vivid beauty of any decorative plant. Follow these steps to protecting your garland:

Step 1

Combine two parts warm water to one part glycerine liquid in a large cooking pan. For example: two cups water to one cut glycerine. Stir the ingredients well and cook until the liquid drops between 80 and 100ºF; prepare enough solution to completely submerse the garland.

Step 2

Pour the glycerine solution into a large container, which will fit the garland you are trying to maintain. Place the garland in the container and ensure it its fully covered. Some plants will float in glycerine, if so; use rock(s) to hold your garland down.

Step 3

Allow your garland to remain in the solution for five to seven days. This will give the plants the opportunity to soak in the glycerine.

Step 4

Remove the glycerine treated garland from the container and hang it to dry in a dark and warm location for two to three weeks.

Once this process is complete you can proudly display the prize without worry of the garland wilting away.