How to Decorate Your Dining Table for an Engaging Day-to-Day Look

Want to keep your table looking fancy every single day? Our expert shares a few practical ways to keep things looking fresh

Credit: Photo and table arrangement by Tracey Ayton

With a little creativy, you can keep your table from looking drab

How to Decorate Your Dining Table Q: In magazines, I always see tables set for a full dinner. It looks great, but how can I decorate my table in an everyday look when it’s not in use?

It’s not practical (or normal) to have your table set for a formal dinner every day.

I believe wood tables were made to be seen, so first remove your tablecloth and protective cover if you use one. Place a rattan mat or coloured, woven runner along the middle of the table and then place fresh flowers or a live plant at the centre.

Get creative with your vase or vessel. Invest in a special Martha Sturdy resin vase or use a beautiful bowl as a container for a multi-stemmed orchid surrounded by reindeer moss.

Save the candlesticks for the formal affairs, but flank your centrepiece with a couple votives and light them for a little flicker at night.

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