Incorporating Green into Your Home Colour Scheme

When it comes to interior decorating, you've got the green light to fill your home with dazzling emerald pieces

Think about texture when decorating with the colour green

Incorporating Green into Your Home Q: I see that green is a popular colour and I’d like to incorporate it into my interior. Somehow I can’t seem to get it right. Any tips?

Green is indeed a popular colour in design and it is a lovely and natural choice for interiors.

I always say nature is the best teacher, so look to your environment for cues on how to bring your home alive with verdant greens. Green can be surprisingly challenging. If you get it wrong, it can look like hospital green or have a dated ’70s look.

Pantone’s colour of 2013 is emerald. By their very nature, emeralds are sheer and beautiful, but translate that tone into a flat, opaque paint and it risks looking artificial or overpowering.

Rarely in the natural world is colour flat, static and uniform. So, think about texture and translucency when making your choices. Sunshine floods through leaves and blades of grass giving it a fresh, golden edge. Softer greens like lichen, succulents and sage tend to have downy textures and grey undernotes.

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