Innovative Sleep Solutions from Polysleep

Montreal's Polysleep offers maximum comfort, innovation and customer satisfaction

Montreal’s Polysleep offers maximum comfort, innovation and customer satisfaction

Inspired to provide the ultimate sleep experience, Montreal-based Polysleep offers state-of-the-art mattresses and pillows with a focus on maximum comfort, innovation and customer satisfaction. Founded in 2016, Polysleep is revolutionizing the sleep industry by offering high quality and locally produced mattresses at the best price point possible. Passionate about social impact, this environmentally friendly company also works with a long list of non-profit organizations and is continuously finding new ways to give back.

Founder of Polysleep, Jeremiah Curvers, realized the potential of creating a highly functional mattress after suffering a double disc hernia. Through hard work and technological advances, the award-winning Polysleep brand has now developed the best mattresses possible to reach the pinnacle of high-quality rest. The popular Polysleep mattress has become renowned with customers for its blend of hybrid foam using open cell technology to support while simultaneously alleviating pressure points. It offers a built-in foam support frame to provide extraordinary support and comfort and is the only one of its kind in the marketplace to offer this high-end feature.

Following the highly successful launch of the Polysleep mattress, the company realized that many customers with injuries (and even those with highly athletic lives) craved a solution that would swiftly aid their recovery and enhance their overall health. In 2019, after extensive testing, Polysleep launched the Zephyr mattress to offer a premium solution to these issues. Featuring true zoned support for hips and shoulders with the most advanced temperature-regulating memory foam available in Canada, the Zephyr mattress enables optimal rest and recovery. 

By listening carefully to customer feedback, Polysleep continues to champion product improvement. This homegrown company is also committed to reducing their carbon footprint by compressing mattresses, with the ability to send up to six mattresses in the same space that one traditional mattress normally occupies. Producing all items locally in Montreal dramatically reduces shipping and mattresses are transported in boxes made with recycled cardboard and printed minimally with ecological ink. In December 2019, for every mattress sold, the brand planted five trees in different parts of Canada, the Amazon and California. Polysleep also works with hundreds of Canadian charities and, for every ten mattresses sold, one mattress is donated to a person in need.

Embracing a dream to empower others through optimal rest, Polysleep is ushering in a new world of self-care. Simply put, sleeping on a high-performing and reasonably-priced mattress made by an ethically-minded company gives customers so many reasons to rest easy.