Introduce Colour into Neutral Rooms

If your home is lacking energy, adding small bursts of colour throughout can energize blasé rooms

Adding bold-coloured pillows can be an easy way of brightening up a neutral room

Q: What are some interesting ways of introducing colour to my mostly neutral rooms?

Use colour blocking by introducing one bold colour, then adding items in various shades of this colour to create a deeper visual effect. Go one step further by selecting one main colour and adding two supplementary colours.

Think combinations like blue, teal and citrine, or yellow, lime and forest green.

Add a striking rug and curtain to your living room, or accentuate your sofa with pillows in different hues. Paint out a singular wall, the back of a bookcase or the inside of a closet to give your heart a happy lift every time you open the door.

Try mixing and matching dishes, collect various shaped vases in one colour or get slipcovers for your dining room chairs. Bring in accessories like coloured picture frames or lampshades.

If you are lucky enough to own a claw-foot tub, consider painting its exterior. Add colour-blocked towels in two tones or bring in a colourful shower curtain.

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